Dr. Celine Brouillette

Registered Psychologist

Individual Therapy

My role as an individual psychotherapist is to facilitate and guide personal well-being and growth. I work with clients to help them develop self-awareness and self-understanding, learn new abilities and strategies, build more satisfying and fulfilling lives, or to recover or heal from negative experiences. No one kind of treatment is suitable for all; therefore, I tailor my approach to the individual and to their goals. My approaches to individual therapy include:

I do short and long-term therapy according to the presenting issue or to my client's goals. Some individuals present a very specific and focused problem and want to learn strategies to cope with the problem. Others wish or need to delve more deeply into their psychological functioning and recover from past trauma or negative experiences. Many want to develop new skills, abilities, or a renewed sense of achievement or accomplishment in their lives. Whether a more cognitive-behavioural, structured approach, or a less structured insight-oriented approach is embarked upon, clients develop a collaborative relationship with me based on trust and understanding. Issues addressed in individual therapy include a wide range of issues: